Code Compliance Specialist Hired by City of Ashland –  A Service – Below Is How to Use It

New Code Compliance Specialist for the City

New Code Compliance Specialist Onboard

Great news! The City of Ashland has recently hired a Code Compliance Specialist to address a range of public health and safety concerns in the community. This is an important addition to the City’s efforts in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for residents and visitors.

The Code Compliance Specialist is responsible for addressing various issues that could negatively impact the quality of life in Ashland, including but not limited to the accumulation of junk, sound and light nuisances, and other concerns related to public health and safety. Their work is crucial in ensuring that the City remains a clean, organized and safe place for everyone.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or have any other concerns related to public health and safety, we encourage you to reach out to the Code Compliance Specialist via the online Municipal Code Complain Form, or email at The City is committed to working with the community to address any concerns promptly and efficiently. Together, we can continue to make Ashland a welcoming and safe environment for all. “We are better together!”

Source: New Code Compliance Specialist for the City – Community Development – City of Ashland, Oregon