City of Ashland Releases Streets Maintenance Information

City of Ashland photo

The City of Ashland has just issued a “City News” release discussing street maintenance. You can read the article on the city website.

This news release explains the city’s procedures for maintaining our streets, and the funding mechanisms for the Street Fund.

The City Manager also sent an email to the Mayor, Councilors, other staff, and myself, responding to an email from the Mayor expressing concern regarding the condition and funding of the Streets Fund.

All of this appears to be in response to my recent article discussing the Food and Beverage Tax, which seems to have been misinterpreted by some.

The city news article includes links to documents produced in 2009 and 2015 which are the sources for much of the information in the city news release.

This article has been updated on 7/29/22 to reflect the addition of the links in the city news release.