City of Ashand’s New Leadership Team in Place

City of Ashland reflects on accomplishments of 2023, in particular the new Leadership Team that is now in place.

Over the past year and a half, the City has worked to build the Leadership Team, which is now complete. Many of these important roles were filled internally.

The City’s Leadership Team is comprised of nearly a dozen individuals, in addition to the City Manager, the Deputy City Manager and the City Attorney. The leaders represent the following City departments: Community Development, Electric and Conservation, Finance, Fire & Rescue, Innovation &Technology, Parks & Recreation, Police and Public Works.

Each leader brings a high level of skill and professionalism, while supporting the City’s Vision and Values and the Council’s priorities. Strong leadership is vital in implementing policies that improve the lives of the citizens of Ashland.

Between 2022 and 2023, four leadership roles were filled by internal candidates, following various forms of considerations, which included internal and external recruitments, and national recruitments overseen by recruiting firms. The internal candidates were:

  • Brandon Goldman in Community Development
  • Molly Taylor in Human Resources
  • Jason Weger in Innovation & Technology
  • Alissa Kolodzinski as City Recorder

The benefits of hiring from within include institutional knowledge, morale, speed to productivity and more. Also in 2023, the City hired a new Finance Director, Mariane Berry who came from Rogue Community College as the Director of the Business Office.

“The City is lucky to have such an amazing leadership team and I am lucky to have their support and guidance and very much enjoy working with all of them. I value their subject matter expertise, dedication and eye toward excellence in their service to the City. Over the last 22 months the City has brought in a lot of key staff including knowledgeable and professional department heads to lead this City into the future. I look forward to all that we can accomplish together,” stated Acting City Manager, Sabrina Cotta.

The Leadership Team meets weekly and presents before Council on a regular basis. Many Department leaders work with Commissions or Advisory Committees who assist the Council in shaping policy for Ashland. For more information on the City, visit

Source, City of Ashland Website

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