City Council Votes Made on March 16

By a 3-2 vote, the City Council Tuesday appointed Budget Committee member Jim Bachman to the Parks and Recreation Board.  He was the first choice of the parks board, and has since resigned from the Budget Committee which now has two vacancies.  In favor of Bachman were Councilors Graham, Hyatt and Seffinger.  DuQuenne and Moran supported another applicant.  Bachman’s term runs to the end of the year, replacing Mike Gardner, who resigned. (Former Councilor Russ Silbinger says the Council’s voting process violated the city’s charter, suggesting the vote may have to be retaken. He criticized the city attorney for failing to ensure proper process.)

The Council voted down a seven percent increase in fees charged to restaurants and other vendors who use the Quanajuato walkway space along Ashland Creek.  The vote again was 3-2, with Councilor Seffinger voting with DuQuenne and Moran against the fee increase which had been proposed by the Parks board. Graham and Hyatt favored the increase.

On another 3-2 vote, the Council rejected Recology’s request for a 7 percent trash pickup increase.  Mayor Akins cast a tie-breaking vote after Seffinger disappeared from the zoom screen.  Graham and Hyatt were in favor of the rate increase; DuQuenne and Moran opposed.

Chronicle Staff