Citizens Taking Action for Seniors – United Seniors of Ashland (USA) – Your Invitation

A group of outraged Ashland citizens is forming the United Seniors of Ashland (USA) in response to the Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission’s acceptance of Director Michael Black’s recommendations to essentially gut the Ashland Senior Center’s social services in favor of expanded multi-generation recreational programs at Hunter Park. The vote, 4-0 (Joel Heller absent), was taken on Wednesday, August 19, 2017, after hearing 70 minutes of public testimony against the measure, and after a five months long “process” clearly intended to avoid public participation, pushing the Commission’s top-down agenda. No one offering public comment spoke in favor of the recommendations.

This blatantly undemocratic action by the Commission is an insult to all Ashland citizens, not just seniors. The mission of USA is to take whatever actions are necessary throughout the Ashland community—immediately and far into the future—to safeguard the well being of Ashland’s senior citizens—because, with any luck, we will all be seniors one day!

If you are interested in joining this group, or would simply like to find out more about them, please visit their Facebook  page, United Seniors of Ashland, for more information.  Here’s the link: