Citizen Letter to Mayor & Council Regarding the New Levy for City Hall

Dear Staff of the City Council,

I feel that citizens of Ashland are becoming increasingly downhearted given the massive spending of the council.  According to the Ashland Chronicle: >>taxpayers need to know what is coming in addition to these capital projects like a $35 million water treatment plant and a $91 million water master plan in the next ten years all of which will require bond issues or increases to our property taxes and water fees the jail bond issue is on its way as well, $171 million jail which we can vote down but the rest of the county can vote for it; Ashland still pays the lion’s share of the jail through our property taxes<< And that doesn’t even mention the 911 bonds we had on our table last month (27 million, was it?) And I have not even added the recent swimming pool… So, 35 + 91+ 171+ 27 + 10 = 334 million dollars thus far… Honestly, this kind of spending needs to come to an end unless you wish to see homelessness and gentrification continue in our town.

Voters have already voted down the new City Hall recently. We are content with the old one. We are more concerned for the welfare of the citizens of the town, and high property taxes are not helping the situation. We need to re-focus on the most important things. Instead of jails, we need education about drugs and psychology etc., housing and food for hungry children who go to school and don’t eat because of their lunch debt. We need to take away the root causes that make people commit crimes. Instead of emergency funds, we need to know what we can do to prevent the climate crisis and forest fires from happening. Instead of water treatment, we need to leave the trees in tact along the TID. The 400 + trees are doing more for us if they are alive and cared for. Instead of new pools and city halls, we need to take care of what we have now and not spend more. There was a story about the secret to life, where a man climbs a mountain to look under a rock that revealed this secret, and the message under the rock says, “WHY SEEK MORE WHEN YOU ARE NOT USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.” So, let’s use what we have already to live well.

Best wishes, Andrea Good

//inserted by Sharon