A Citizen Calls for Budget Accountability from Parks

Budget Accountability

Ashlanders who trusted the City to compile an accurate budget were accused of falsehoods that the City now admits were theirs!  They say there were “major errors” needing correction “because we are using them in a recall effort.”  An accurate budget is a City’s prime responsibility.  We thought we had one; now they state we do not! Ashlanders, especially those accused, deserve a giant apology.

All should be alarmed to see an almost six million projected deficiency in a few years.  That comes out of our pockets!  This is why even local government needs close watchdogging!  It also brings up troubling questions about ensuring the citizen members of the Citizens Budget Committee can fully function. This unique feature Oregonians have deserves unassailable protection.

In hundreds of hours of research SOS found many examples of poor spending and officials claiming they wanted to save while planning to spend millions more.  Gutting the Senior Center programs, which many believe was a way to build the multi million dollar pool, was the tip of the iceberg.   Vote “Yes” on the recall to begin our course correction.  We want public servants who represent us…..not attempt to pull the wool over our eyes!

Gwen Davies