Check Out Your Utility Bill for the Fixed Charges!


An Ashland March Utility Bill


Utility Benchmarking, Single Family Residence
Study by:  FCS Group for the 2017/2019 Budget

As the graph below shows, Ashland is behind only Lake Oswego, Tigard, and Oregon City in utility charges, about $120 for the average household per month. Central Point, Talent, Eagle Point, Medford, and Phoenix are all at the bottom end of the chart at about $60 a month. The chart was obtained from the Medford Public Works Department.

The charges below were not for usage but were fees and surcharges tacked on to the March utility bill BEFORE any services were provided. Total charges without any consumption: $130.97. The only caveat is that the residence is multi-family.

A March Utility Bill

Electric:  Residential                            $10

Water Customer Charge                      $12.27

Water:  Multi Family ¾ inch               $14.37

Sewer: Multi Family                           $62.16

Electric Users Tax:                              $16.70 (25% of $57 for electric consumption)

Utility User Tax

Street Users Fee:  Single Family           $8.83

Storm Drain:  Storm Drain Base           $4.75

AFR:  Forest Resiliency Charge           $1.39

Public Safety Fee: Public Support         $  .50 (may be $2.50)

Total before consumption              $130.97

Franchise fees (Tax that the city charges utility companies for a right of way are woven into the rates – water, electric, wastewater and telecommunication.)

Water  8%

Electric  5% (?)

Wastewater  5%(?)

Telecommunication  5%(?)

Compiled by Addie Greene