Bridge of the Gods is one of how many national and state parks in Oregon?

Robbie Newport; Bridge of the Gods is one of how many national and state parks in Oregon?

For those who live in or want to visit the State of Oregon, there are many great places to explore and enjoy nature. Oregon’s geographical area, at over 98,381 square miles, is the 9th biggest state in the US; this land includes coastline areas, low-elevation valley land, mountainous terrain, high desert plateaus, and high-elevation forest land.

According to information from Travel Oregon, Oregon has 361 state parks, 11 national forests, 21 national wildlife refuges, a national grassland, and a National Scenic Area. That is a total of 395 different areas in nature that have been designated for the public’s use.

This doesn’t include all of the city parks and recreation areas. For instance, the largest city in Oregon, Portland, has 11,672 acres of park system land. This includes 137 playgrounds, 8 skateboard parks, 96 reservable picnic areas, 120 tennis courts, 221 basketball hoops, 122 baseball diamonds, 158 miles of regional trails, and 2,702 community garden plots.

While these designated areas are spread throughout Oregon, the majority of them are located along the coastline and northwestern part of Oregon.

Maybe, the most popular of all of these areas is Crater Lake National Park, located in Klamath County. This is the 5th oldest national park in the US, established in 1902, it is the only national park in Oregon. The lake is 1,949 ft deep, which makes it the deepest lake in the US and the 9th deepest in the world. Crater Lake is in the remnant of Mount Mazama, a destroyed volcano.

Distinguishing these hundreds of natural attractions, there are monuments, viewpoints, heritage areas, heritage sites, recreation areas, memorial parks, wildlife refuges, homelands, grasslands, forests, fish hatcheries, preserves, scenic areas, historical parks, and more.

There is even what they call the Bridge of the Gods, which crosses the Columbia River and is part of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. It was constructed in 1926 and given its name from a Native American Legend. It is located at Cascade Locks, Oregon.

Oregon is a scenic wonderland with a rich history built into the landmarks, many of which are part of the park system, such as The Lews and Clark National Historical Park located in Astoria, OR. This is where a Fort Clatsop replica commemorates the exploration party’s stay during the winter of 1805-06.

Stay safe and explore the many parks in Oregon, it will be a worthwhile adventure.

Source: Bridge of the Gods is one of how many national and state parks in Oregon?