Breaking News: Jordan Cove LNG Denied Permit

This is huge. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) just denied the water quality permit for Jordan Cove! Without this permit, Jordan Cove LNG cannot move forward.  

Today’s decision shows that organizing works. Last summer, our communities submitted over 42,000 comments to Oregon DEQ highlighting the impacts that the Jordan Cove LNG project could have to our waterways and asking Governor Brown and Oregon state agencies to puts the public interest over the special interests of Pembina. Today, they did just that. 

In today’s action, Oregon DEQ denied the Clean Water Act Section 401 permit because the massive LNG export terminal and pipeline could not demonstrate that they would meet Oregon’s clean water standards. With their denial, DEQ released 200 pages of detailed findings about how the project does not meet Oregon’s water quality standards. You can read our coalition press release HERE. 

Can you call Governor Brown (503-378-4582) and tell her what a great decision Oregon DEQ made, and ask her to ensure all other state permits are denied as well? 

This victory belongs to everyone who attended a hearing, signed a petition, wrote a letter, made a call, donated time and money, took part in a rally, or took other action to make our voices heard. Many people have fought this project for nearly 15 years – this incredible dedication is paying off. THANK YOU!

As we learned with our FERC victory in 2016, we know it is important we stay vigilant. Pembina will likely take this decision to the courts, and may re-apply. That is why it is critical that we stop this project at all levels. We all need show up at the FERC hearings in June (date and location TBD), and submit comments (find a comment workshop near you.)

It isn’t over yet, but we are getting pretty darn close! Pembina announced last week that they are cutting their projected spending for Jordan Cove LNG in half this year as they wait to get permits. Today’s decision is a huge step backwards for them.