If you’re a member/owner of the Ashland Food Co-op, I hope you’ll do something that few members tend to do: vote before June 14 for Board of Directors candidates. Happens that I’m one of them, running for a second 3-year term.
If the Co-op has your email address, you should have received an email a couple of days ago that gives video and written info on all 5 candidates (running for 3 seats). If you’re a member who’s never given your email address, you can still vote at the store before June 14. Good starting info is at https://ashlandfood.coop/board-directors-elections.
Last year, about 700 of our 10,000+ owners took the 2 minutes it takes to vote. This is out of line, I think, with what’s at stake for the Co-op’s future, and really that of our whole community. What kind of food store do we owners most want? How important is it to make sure that our neighbors of modest means can afford to shop there, at least for part of their food? We all know we need to expand our space and parking, but are we doing what it takes now to make sure we’ll have the resources to do that? That’s just part of what’s on the table, and candidates don’t see these issues the same way.
I won’t make the case for my own campaign here…I do that online (along with the 4 other candidates) at a page you can access if you decide to vote. I’m posting this message only to urge you to vote…and if the box next to my name is one that you decide to check, thank you; I’ll give my best for the next three years to enhance the Co-ops affordability, transparency, social responsibility, and democratic and cooperative values.
Best, Jeff G