Ashland’s Senior Program is being dismantled! Take Some Civic Action

Ashland’s Senior Program is being dismantled

What do you believe … Words or Actions?

Words  Ashland Parks and Recreation (APRC) states that integrated senior social services will stay the same and the senior program is not being “dismantled.”

Actions  The first actions APRC made was to destroy the senior program’s holistic approach and effective social services. APRC laid off experienced Senior Center staff who have extensive knowledge and experience of its integrated social service senior program and replaced with inexperienced Parks and Recreation staff and volunteers.  APRC also moved the senior center program management and physical oversight away from the Senior Center to the Grove which prevents a holistic integrated approach.

Impact Dismantles the social services integrated program … the hub of the holistic wheel … and reduces the social services to handing out informational booklets … and removes the personnel who know the difference. Essentially shreds the seniors’ safety net built up and maintained over 43 years.

Attend APRC’s Senior Ad Hoc Advisory Meeting, Tuesday, October 10th 3:15pm to 5:15 pm at the Grove 1195 Main Street


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