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Final decision on City of Ashland Housing Production Strategy


The State of Oregon approves the City of Ashland’s Housing Production Strategy

The City of Ashland is delighted to announce the State of Oregon’s approval of the City of Ashland’s Housing Production Strategy (HPS), a critical step in addressing the housing crisis being experienced in both Ashland and statewide. Following a comprehensive review by the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), Ashland’s HPS is the first such plan approved in the State of Oregon. This approval validates the City of Ashland’s commitment to affordable and equitable housing solutions and demonstrates that that the City of Ashland’s HPS aligns with the state’s goals for addressing housing needs, including contextualized housing need assessment, community engagement, specific actions to meet future housing needs, and a commitment to achieving fair and equitable housing outcomes.
The HPS outlines 15 strategies focused on encouraging the development of affordable rental housing, increasing opportunities for affordable homeownership, fostering income-restricted affordable housing units and preserving the existing supply of affordable housing. These strategies are designed to meet the housing needs of various demographic groups, with particular attention to seniors, people of color, people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness. Additionally, the City of Ashland has provided a clear timeline for the implementation of each proposed strategy, ensuring a reasonable and expeditious approach to addressing our community’s housing challenges. View Ashland’s HSP.
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