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Monday January 15th

7 to 8 pm


Erin Zelinka discusses her new memoir

On Love and Travel



When an offbeat new job and office romance upend Erin Zelinka’s marriage, career and belief system, she flees for Latin America. From Peru to Colombia to the indigenous islands of Guna Yala, she seeks to heal and trust her heart, after a decade of striving for others’ approval. Whether crewing as a deckhand for an alcoholic captain or quitting all media to escape her failed love’s reach, she starts living on her own terms. This story is the inspirational evidence that following your inner truth, while not always easy, will take you to precisely where you’re meant to be.




Monday January 22nd

7 to 8 pm


Lynn Ransford talks about her new book

Grandma, Tell Me a Story about Your Adventures


Grandchildren, and now readers of all ages, enjoy the true tales of wacky, rollicking adventures…sometimes poignant, sometimes a little scary…like encountering bears, a moose, a bull, or frogs in the middle of the night.  A retired teacher, Lynn can’t resist inserting little bits of history into stories about places in the Rogue Valley or as far away as the Azores.

If you like hiking, camping, traveling, or prefer to enjoy adventures vicariously, you are invited to join Lynn for an hour of entertaining short stories – and a reminder of how important it is to be able to laugh at ourselves and our funny predicaments.


Lynn Ransford is an Ashland author and avid hiker. Her two previous books are “Grandma, Tell Me a Story About Bears” and “Grandma, Tell Me a Story About Critters”


Monday January 29th

7 to 8 pm


John Brennan talks about his new book

Brain Shift


If I, a military engineer, can transmute to become a shamanic practitioner, so can you.  Follow my transformational process as Nature and Native American ceremony awoke my true self.  It seems as if the helping spirits placed stepping stones in front of me. Every time I took one step and learned something they placed another stone in front of me.

We all have skills hidden by modern western cultural norms which you can find within yourself through shamanic journeying. Get answers to life’s questions through divination, heal your own self through soul retrieval, communicate with ancestors in journeys, erase negative energies through ceremonies.

Act when an opportunity is presented. Find out what makes you come fully alive. Do that. The world needs people who have come fully alive.


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