Ashland Utility Bill Comparison 2/2011 and 2/2021: Check It Out

The FACTS about your utility bills in black and white>>>. Here is a table that makes it easy to see what has happened to your utility bill in the last 10 years. I have my utility bills from 2/2011 and 2/2021. I compared the FIXED charges on the left. These are charges that do not vary with your usage. The numbers on the right are the RATES based on your usage. In short, the fixed fees have increased 59% before you use anything. There are four (4) new fees in 2021 that did not exist in 2011. The water rates have increased about 82%. The electric rates have increased about 40%. The electric tax increased 21% even though my usage decreased by 16%.

Graph is from Dean Silver who posted it on Next Door. He gave permission to share it. See it below;