Ashland Street Overlay Project – Be Prepared for Lane Closures and Delays

Ashland Street Overlay Project
 Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Ashland Street Overlay Project
Work will soon begin on the Ashland Street Overlay Project, the City of Ashland Public Works Department has contracted with Knife River Materials to complete the work.  The project will include a full replacement of the existing asphalt surfacing between Siskiyou Boulevard and Faith Avenue and will also replace ADA accessible ramps to meet current standards. The accessible ramp work will require the intermittent closure of bike lanes and sidewalk sections throughout the length of project on both sides of the street.  Extensive lane closures and re-routing will also occur over the duration of the project and future notifications will be provided to assist residents and businesses of construction related delays and impacts. This project is anticipated to be fully completed near the end of 2023, but will remain drivable/usable throughout the project duration.

Ashland Street Overlay

Source: Ashland Street Overlay Project – Public Works – City of Ashland, Oregon

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