Ashland School Board Meeting 6/12 – Special Report

Ashland School Board Meeting 6/13 –  Special Report

Not more than 24 hours before last night’s regular session of the Ashland School Board at 1175 E Main St, a group of concerned Ashland parents and citizens met to discuss the best ways to put an end to the rising tide of racism and hate-related incidents in our schools. A call was made to take some swift and decisive action, and the conversation quickly shifted to the coming announcement of Ashland School Board Member John William’s mid-term resignation. We had an opportunity to add to the School Board a member with great cultural competence, who is dedicated to the success and strong learning environments of all students. The room was unanimous in our sense of who the best candidate would be and Kamilah Long humbly accepted our request to throw her hat in the ring.

Monday night at 7pm the crowd of supporters packed the room with overflow filling the Chambers’ atrium. Every member of that audience stood in support while Mica Cole read our statement of outrage at the Board’s painful lack of action while student victims of racially-motivated incidents were left suffering. And they broke into applause and cheers when Kamilah Long’s name was put forth as the candidate we all support.

Kamilah is dedicated to our students. She’s a mother, a parent, a community member, a fundraiser, and a compassionate ear to the needs of students who are most at risk of being ignored. She is the ideal candidate to fill the remainder of this term and we’d like you to support her by writing to the school board and echoing our support.

Martin Kamenski