February 9, 2024

U.S. and Israeli army officers talk in front a US Patriot missile defense system. Jack Guez/Getty Images

Peace House Welcomes New Memorandum that Requires  Assurances for US Military Aid Recipients

Biden issued a National Security Memorandum yesterday requiring reports be filed in 90 days for legal compliance, including support for humanitarian assistance where US weapons are used

Peace organizations and humanitarian advocates celebrated a victory today in an effort to add accountability and legal compliance to US military aid packages dating back to January 2023. The announcement from the White House yesterday outlined the new “National Security Memorandum on Safeguards and Accountability With Respect to Transferred Defense Articles and Defense Services” (NSM) that includes key elements of the Van Hollen Amendment as an integral part of new requirements for countries to receive US military aid.

The historic effort to improve accountability in US-supplied weapons and munitions for war was led by Senator Chris VanHollen of Maryland and supported by 19 Senators, including Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkeley. Peace House, Peace Veterans of the Rogue Valley, Jewish Voice for Peace and Peace Action joined dozens of other local and national organizations that successfully pressed for its adoption.

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Black History Month Feature: Beatrice Morrow Cannady

Beatrice Morrow Cannady: A Powerful Writer, Attorney, and Civil Rights Leader in Oregon

This week for Black History Month, we feature the work of Beatrice Morrow Cannady, a leading civil rights activist, attorney, and journalist who stood up for racial justice and integration in Portland between 1918 and 1938.

Born in 1889 in Texas, Beatrice Morrow moved to Oregon to join her to-be husband, Edward Cannady, then editor and publisher of The Advocate, a weekly newspaper that covered Black issues and advocated for changes in the midst of extreme racism in Oregon and the US.

On June 7, 1924 edition of The Advocate, Mrs. Cannady famously responded to publishers E. C. Bell and J. J. Hoogstraat of Grants Pass with a profound response to racist Oregon policies in print. The Spokesman, a short-lived publication from Grants Pass had published an editorial promoting Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley as a “white man’s town.”

Cannady republished the entire Spokesman editorial in The Advocate, which included vulgar and grotesque hate language — and bizarre affirmations of a twisted “white utopia” that they claimed was all of Southern Oregon. The courageous response by Cannady included characterizing the editorial as, “the child of a twisted and dwarfed brain, or the braying of a jackass.”

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Black History Month Celebration Saturday

BASE is teaming up with The Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon for a special Black History Month Celebration on Saturday, February 10 from 10a-5p. There will be music from DJ Simon, special programs in the movement, culinary, and clay studios, plus more. Learn more about this family-friendly celebration at TCMSO.org.

Speaking Event to Launch Ashland Sunrise Project Monday

Ashland Together invites the public to a speaking event Monday launching a “Sunrise Project” in Ashland — a pathway of reconciliation after being a “sundown town.”

Evidence of this deplorable policy of requiring “nonwhites” from being in public after sundown in Ashland, Methodist Rev. J Ross Knotts confronted Ashland Police and was instrumental in reversing the practice.

Speakers will include  Taylor Stewart of the Oregon Remembrance Project, Gabi Johnsen of Grants Pass Remembrance and Anna Sloan  of Southern Oregon Historical Society in a launch event to kick off the Sunrise Project in Ashland.

According to event organizers, “the Sunrise Project aims to help former sundown towns reconcile their history of racial exclusion by creating new identities as that of “sunrise communities,” the opposite of sundown towns.”

This event is free on Monday, February 12 at OSF’s Carpenter Hall from 6-7:30 pm.

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