December 22, 2023

Emergency Summit For Gaza: Interfaith Coalition

Peace House received the following from our partners at Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) — who are convening an Emergency Summit in partnership with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in early January to bring together people from all walks of life to plan courageous action.

From FOR’s Executive Director and Jewish peace activist, Ariel Gold:

I apologize for the graphic description to follow: This morning, a little over an hour ago, as I was watching Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud report live from the evacuation zone in Rafah when massive explosions appeared behind him in the area of the Kuwaiti Hospital. The people who had been sheltering in the area bombed were mostly women and children. Hani watched helplessly as people ran with dead bodies in their arms and carts pulled by donkeys of the dead and injured. “Why?” he said. Since American officials have been visiting Gaza, airstrikes, which were already constant, have massively increased.

This Can’t Go On!

Since the grotesque Hamas terror attack on October 7 and Israel’s near-continuous unprecedented bombardment of Gaza ever since, I, like you have been filled with shock and grief at the utter disregard for lives, all created in the image of G-d.

In response to our government’s failure and refusal to stop this horror, we at the Fellowship of Reconciliation are proud to be partnering with Rev. Jesse Jackson in calling for an Emergency Summit on Gaza, on January 12 and 13.”

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