January 19, 2024

Rogue Liberation Library Sent 8,000 Books to People in Prison in 2023

Despite a myriad of carceral censorship policies in all 50 states, packages of books were successfully delivered to prisoners

It’s hard to quantify the effect that a gift of a book has on people living behind the walls of prisons in the United States. Last year Rogue Liberation library successfully sent 2,686 packages to people in prisons, with three books in each parcel. That comes to a grand total 8,058 books delivered in 2023.

Increased restrictions, book bans, and other forms of censorship make it very difficult for incarcerated people to access reading materials. One lesser known rule includes that books cannot be sent from residential addresses and must overcome many “content nuetral” restrictions that vary from state to state. Rogue Liberation Library (RLL) stays up-to-date on policy changes and navigates the regulations to successfully deliver packages to people in more than 15 states in both Federal and State prisons.

Evidence of the profound effect that books have on people’s lives are documented through the hundreds of thank you letters that Rogue Liberation Library receives.

Julio Garcio writes:

“Books are my best friends. I’ve recently been building a relationship with my five year old daughter…I share the material I learn with her, she is so smart. Books are literally changing my life. Thank you.” Julio Garcio lives in a prison in Texas.

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