Ashland Needs a Financial Plan – Additional Info – Citizens Speak Out About What Is Really Going On

If you haven’t read the article “City of Ashland needs a better financial plan”.   You need to read it.  Below is another citizen from Ashland Citizens’ Budget Committee who weighs in on what is really going on.  Saladin Amery is the author of the above article and Shaun Moran comments below questioning why Amery wasn’t reappointed to the committee.

Why was Amery not kept on?
I’d like to add a footnote to Saladin Amery’s Sunday, June10, guest opinion piece, “City of Ashland needs a better financial plan.”
The Ashland City Council didn’t reappoint Amery to the Citizens’ Budget Committee after he had only served for seven months despite his willingness to serve another term. This was someone who had been president of Bank of America Securities Japan, had over 25 years of financial services experience and a better grasp of the financial challenges facing Ashland than most others in our community. Perhaps he asked too many questions about accountability or the irresponsible spending trends advocated by our mayor and City Council? That he was not reinstated says everything about what’s really going on in Ashland.
Shaun Moran, Ashland Citizens’ Budget Committee member