Ashland May Set Up a New Urban Campground 1/21

City of Ashland looking into setting up a new urban campground

ASHLAND, Ore. — KOBI The City of Ashland may soon open an urban campground of it’s own to house those in need of shelter.

Inspired by the non-profit Rogue Retreat and it’s urban campground located off of Biddle Road, Ashland mayor Julie Akins says city councilors want to work with Rogue Retreat to create shelter for homeless in their area.

“The City of Medford is doing a great job, and we want to do a great job, too,” said Mayor Julie Akins.

“It’s a way of helping folks transition out of the worst of circumstances, which is a tent by the greenway, into something that’s more organized and beneficial to the un-housed and also to the community at large,” said Executive Director for Rogue Retreat, Chad McComas.

Akins says funding is needed, in order to get the ball rolling.

“It’s somewhat dependent on a grant that we requested from the county in order to lease the land, get the pallet shelters, pay for the management of that campground,” said Akins.

The mayor says the city should hear back from Jackson County on if they will receive the grant by February.

She says if the grant is approved, the city will begin working with Rogue Retreat right away.

“It’s gone so well, they’re thinking ‘We need something on the South end of the valley,” said McComas.

McComas says the non-profit is on board with the idea.

“Ashland needs something and if they can get the funding to work with us, we would be glad to partner with them and try to help,” Mayor Akins said.

At this time, it’s unknown where the campground will go.

McComas says the city is hoping to get funding for at least 10 pallet shelters to start out with, which include heating, air and electricity.

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