Ashland Council Must Heed FCC Ruling Regarding Negative Health Effects On Humans and Animals from RF Radiation – A Must Read!

9/7 Ashland City Council Business Meeting – Public Forum Statement

City Council of Ashland, I have great news.

Telecom’s deceitful house of cards is beginning to crumble.  In a historic decision on August 13th 2021, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision recognizing the abject failure of the FCC to consider the health effects on human beings caused by exposure to RF radiation.  quote:  “the FCC order fails to acknowledge evidence of negative health effects caused by exposure to RF radiation at levels below the limits set by the Commission’s 1996 guidelines, including evidence of cancer, radiation sickness, and adverse effects on sleep, memory, learning, perception, motor abilities, prenatal and reproductive health, and children’s health. 1996 was 25 years ago, long before the wide spread use of wireless tech. In other words, these facts revealing harm are no longer hypothetical. They have now been verified in a court of law.

This landmark ruling against the FCC gives hope to the many thousands of people like me who are Electrosensitive, and to the many more who have yet to identify their symptoms.

I hope that this pivotal development will inspire us to create change here at home. 

The first thing one sees on the City Council website is “…much of the City’s business evolves through citizen committees, which enhance public support and political stability.”  

Oregon for Safer Technology is your citizen committee and we are ready and willing to help Ashland to legally and without reprisal, update our current wireless-facility ordinances. 

Mayor Akins, Thank you for your reply to my ask of a communication point person. From your reply, it is clear that the lack of a permanent city attorney is a major road block to moving forward on this issue. This is why I am now asking that any new cell tower developments be stopped.  A knowledgeable and competent city attorney will be essential in dealing with the legal liability issues of the SOU tower, should it be approved and installed. This council has the legal and binding authority to place a moratorium on any new cell facilities.

City Councils across the U.S., literally across the world, have accepted expert testimony about the seriousness of this issue and are finding legal grounds on which to retain and maximize their local control. I urge this council to do the same. Please, we can and must take action before it is too late.

Kelly Marcotulli, Ashland

//inserted by Sharon