Welcome to the FIRST Ashland Community Solar newsletter.
Community Solar is shared solar.  By developing larger commercial solar projects together and distributing the power to many individuals and business in the community, Ashland citizens:

  • Maximize the use of clean, local, renewable power
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Keep dollars revolving in the local community


  • Ashland Solar Cooperative Update
  • Ashland Community Solar 1 at ScienceWorks Museum
  • Ashland Community Solar 2 at Oak Street Tank and Steel
  • Future Community Solar Projects
  • Make Sure We Stay Connected

Ashland Solar Cooperative
Ashland Solar Cooperative officially incorporated in the State of Oregon in late July.  It will bring together individuals and businesses in Ashland who want to purchase clean, renewable power from local Community Solar projects and receive equivalent credits directly on their monthly Ashland Electric bills.  Ashland Solar Cooperative will coordinate members’ “subscriptions” to the local solar projects.  The goal is to provide a clean energy option for ALL Ashland residents, including renters and homeowners who do not have solar access or who do not have the ability to install their own system.  We anticipate that Ashland Solar Cooperative will begin signing up members in winter/spring of 2020.  (If you would like to add your name to the list of citizens interested in joining the Ashland Solar Cooperative, please sign up here: https://www.ashlandcommunitysolar.org/subscribers)  

Ashland Solar Cooperative is currently looking for individuals who are interested in serving on its initial Board of Directors.  Individuals with experience in legal transactions and financial modeling will be especially beneficial to the initial Board.  If you are interested, or if you have a recommendation for a Board Member, please email us at info@ashlandcommunitysolar.org

Ashland Community Solar 1 at ScienceWorks Museum
The first Ashland Community Solar project with three STrackers (elevated dual-axis solar trackers) was installed in mid-August. model  S1B ma Ride over to the ScienceWorks parking lot and take a look!  STrackers are designed and built right here in Ashland, Oregon.  The project utilizes eighty-four (84) 400-watt PV modules for a total of 34.6kW nameplate rating.  The project will generate about 76,000 kilowatt-hours of power each year.  The clean, local solar power is pumped into the Ashland Electric grid and is being distributed between six Abbotts Cottages properties and ScienceWorks Museum.  This innovative project was awarded grants from USDA Rural Development and Oregon Department of Energy.

Ashland Community Solar 2 at Oak Street Tank and Steel
The second Ashland Community Solar project will be a 200kW PV system on top of the Oak Street Tank and Steel building on Jefferson Avenue.  The project will utilize five hundred seventy-two (572) 340-watt PV modules and will generate about 255,000 kilowatt-hours of power each year.  This will be the largest single solar array in the city of Ashland!  Project details are being finalized for a March install.  This project also received a grant from Oregon Department of Energy and will be fully operational in Spring 2020.

Future Community Solar Projects
Ashland has fantastic sunshine, and there are many opportunities for Community Solar projects on rooftops, in parking lots and in open spaces throughout the city.  We see the potential to develop up to 5 mega-watts of solar generation within the Ashland Electric grid over the next few years.  This includes:

  • Up to fifteen (15) 200kW rooftop projects
  • A 1 mega-watt of ground-mount PV system at the Ashland Airport or Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • More elevated STracker projects throughout the city

In the coming months, Ashland Community Solar will work to secure leases on additional sites and marry projects with investors and subscribers.

Make Sure We Stay Connected
Please add info@ashlandcommunitysolar.org to your contact list to make sure future emails reach your inbox instead of your JunkMail folder.  Also, please forward this update to other Ashland residents you think may be interested in Ashland Community Solar.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

The Ashland Community Solar Team