Ashland City Council Asked to Write a Letter of Concern about the Hog/Chicken Slaughter Farm

The following is what the Ashland City Council was asked  –  to write a letter of concern to Jackson County regarding the slaughter farm south of Ashland.

Dr. Krause gave you an overview of a farm located on a severe slope just three-quarters of a mile from Ashland city limits and directly uphill of the TID canal.  This is of concern because the canal provides Ashland with supplemental drinking water during most of the summer.

We, which includes several hundred concerned Ashland citizen petitioners, have a simple and clear ask, given the previously granted Jackson County land use permit for a midsized hog and chicken farm and slaughter house, located directly above the TID canal:

We ask that, prior to January 7, 2019, the City submit a letter of concern to the Jackson County Enforcement Division.  Our primary concern is the possibility, if not outright likelihood that may well result from runoff of the farm and slaughter house and consequent pollution of TID water, what that Ashland uses for some of its drinking water.  Granted, our drinking water is treated when combined with TID water, and that treatment includes additional chemicals to treat pollution.  Other TID water customers use their water untreated for irrigation of crops, gardens, and other purposes.  They also must be made aware of this possible pollution.

The basis for such a letter of concern is founded on three City values and goals:

1. The wellbeing of all our citizenry. This wellbeing includes the quality of our water, and clearly our health and safety are at risk if our waterway is polluted.

2. Our City is committed to improving the quality of our water which we assume is focused on lessening pollution. Piping parts of the TID is an example of addressing this goal.   But if the water going into th             pipes is already polluted, then what good does the TID piping do?

3. Citizens expect our leaders and paid staff to be mindful of citizens’ welfare and safety as a principle of ethical governance. We reasonably expect this awareness will guide all decisions and actions you take.

We simply ask that you join the concerned voices of DEQ, TID, the US Dept. of Agriculture – Food Safety, and CAFO to register your concern about this land use permit and the dangers this commercial venture poses to the TID canal, a critical source of drinking water and irrigation of our property.


Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. Carol Voisin

Ashland, OR  97520

//inserted by Sharon