Appeal of Jackson County Land Use Permit for a Mid-sized Hog and Chicken Farm – 3/4s of a mile from Ashland

Reason for appeal:

Neighbors and residents of Ashland are opposing the site location of the proposed confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) and slaughterhouse at 3152 Siskiyou Blvd. Some concerns include:


  • Property does not have city electricity nor a way to obtain it
  • Without a reliable power source the subject landowners can’t ensure that underground waste storage won’t fail and seep into ground water
  • Steep slope (far greater than 20%) being used for large pig and chicken feed lots
  • Such lots are clearly prone to erosion and run-off of animal waste
  • Run-off of animal waste, polluted water, and contaminated top soil detrimentally effect all of the property below the subject’s property
  • Denuded, unstable, eroding hillside with sandy loam soil threaten neighboring farms, homes, businesses, public and private water supplies, springs and aquifers, the TID, Tolman Creek, and the City of Ashland
  • Inadequate mitigation plans for erosion and run-off for the proposed ramping up number of animals and slaughtering processes
  • Concerns about contamination to surface and ground water by processing methods or animal waste can adversely affect public health
  • Issues of air quality exist in a valley prone to inversion

More details on each concern will soon be posted.


Chronicle staff