Another Cynical Power Grab By The Council Majority

A “Discussion of Formal Process for Vetting of Commission Applicants” is on the agenda for the June 1 Council meeting.  This is a change to the way of doing business that Clrs. Jensen and Graham  have  been pushing for the past six weeks or so. 

Upon reading the text of the suggested changes, one thing leaps out at me: this issue is really about the BUDGET COMMITTEE.

This is a blatant attempt for the current members of the Citizens’ Budget Committee (which includes the four legacy/status quo/machine Councilors and several Stromberg appointees) to better control who fills those vacancies.  It’s as simple as that.

This isn’t about “good government”. This is about CONTROL of the purse strings. This is about prolonging the influence of the disastrous Stromberg administration. This is how they keep candidates they don’t like out of consideration.

It is also another attempt to remove one of the few prerogatives that the Mayor retains under the new form of government the voters approved last year.

The appointment process has worked well forever without any problems until Jensen decided to try this devious, underhanded tactic. This is nothing but a power grab. This is a bald-faced attempt to limit one of the few remaining prerogatives of the Mayor.  Since it serves no constructive purpose it should be rejected.

Read it here and decide for yourself:

Dean Silver

//inserted by Sharon