Another Ashland Salary Increase Proposed by Staff

Resolution No. 2021-18 Clarifying Certain Employment Conditions for Management and Confidential Employees for the Fiscal Year 2021/2022.

This is another item from the 6/15/21 City Council Business Meeting Agenda.

It is a resolution requesting a 2% COLA for all 52 non-represented (non-union) management and confidential employees for 2021.  Also, “Parks will match non-represented COLA if granted.”

This is another increase in compensation requested by staff on the behalf of staff.  Obviously, this is neither a responsible nor proper method to determine salary increases.

Since the budget is in disarray, denying this COLA would be a simple way to control the runaway inflation of our employee expenses.  It is not as if these employees are under compensated in any way, by any standard.

If the Councilors are sincere in their stated desire to tame the budget, they will not approve this increase in salary.  It is not reducing anyone’s compensation.  It is simply instituting a sorely needed pause in the increases of the City’s expenses, which is something that virtually everyone agrees must be done. 

Taxpayers should urge Council to deny the requested COLA.

Dean Silver

//inserted by Sharon