Announcing the Ashland Chronicle Straw Poll #2

This is the next in a series of inquiries into the preferences and attitudes of Ashland residents.

We are periodically creating surveys regarding issues of interest to the Ashland community, and posting them for everyone to express their views.  We then tabulate and announce the results, and share them with our city’s decision makers.  You can vote and make comments as well.

In this way, we hope to make it easier for citizens to make their voices heard, and to offer another tool for our civic leaders.

There are many vital issues facing the City of Ashland, and we hope that this will be one small step toward increasing public participation in our government.

Please take the survey, and tell everyone you know.  The greater the turnout, the more useful the surveys will be.  Your responses will always be anonymous.

The new second survey is posted here

Please spread the word.

We will post the results when we have a significant number of responses.

The First Straw Poll

The first straw poll is still available for anyone who has not yet participated.  You can find it here.

You can also access the realtime results of the first straw poll here.

Call for Questions

In order to make these inquiries as wide ranging and representative as possible, we are inviting everyone to submit their own questions for inclusion in the future straw polls.  Of course we cannot promise that all questions received will be included, but we guarantee that each and every one will receive serious consideration. We welcome all topics relevant to Ashland city government.

Please send your suggestions to

Thanks for helping to make our Ashland city government a more inclusive representative democracy.