All-terrain Trackchairs Available in Seaside on July2 & July3


News Release from Oregon Parks Forever
June 26th, 2023

June 26, 2023 Seaside, Oregon – Providing a new way to get out on the beach and into nature for people with mobility challenges, on July 2 & 3  David’s Chair Outdoor Mobility Systems is bringing seven electric all-terrain wheelchairs to Seaside’s promenade (between Broadway and Avenue A) for mobility challenged guests to try for free.

From 10am to 4pm on Sunday July 2 and Monday July 3, people who register at can have a chance to buckle in and experience the freedom to travel along the beach without having to be concerned about the sand or water.  There will also be a limited ability for people to use the chairs on a walk-in basis, without reservation. Reserving is the best way to ensure a chair will be available.

Anyone with mobility impairment, requiring the assistance of wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes or crutches, will be able to use these chairs at no charge.


David’s Chair Outdoor Mobility Systems and Oregon Parks Forever are collaborating to add 10 additional locations where mobility challenged visitors can pick up and use an electric all-terrain wheelchair at no charge.  Chairs are currently available for free use at Seaside and Manzanita.  In the next few weeks, they will also be available in Netarts, Pacific City and Newport.

These chairs will provide a new freedom for a mobility challenged park visitor – to get off the pavement and out into nature.

With increased accessibility to trails, lakes, rivers and beaches, through demanding conditions like sand, snow and mud, mobility-impaired visitors will be able to participate in activities never-before possible.

From birdwatching and fishing, to riding along the beach, to simply enjoying the fresh air and solitude of nature, these all-terrain chairs will invite many new people to share the wonders of the great outdoors in our parks.

See these chairs in action at:


Reservations for free use can be made at:



About David’s Chair Outdoor Mobility Systems

David’s Chair is a non-profit public benefit corporation based in Medford, Oregon with a mission to provide people with mobility challenges the free use of electric all-terrain track chairs offering freedom and independence to get outdoors and experience terrain and conditions that would otherwise be unavailable to them. The organization currently has seven electric all-terrain track chairs and three trailers, available in Medford for use for free by people with mobility challenges who reserve them at

About Oregon Parks Forever
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