Aidan’s Spontaneous Memorial at Stratford Inn

ASHLAND, Ore. — KDRV It has been more than two weeks since 19-year-old Aidan Ellison was killed outside of Ashland’s Stratford Inn. Since Ellison’s death, a memorial has continued to grow near the site — with ever more flowers, candles, signs, and tributes to the young man appearing.

“He used to think that nobody loved him, but boy was he wrong . . . and I hope he knows that now,” says Jeremy Yost, Ellison’s roommate and former co-worker.

Beyond the memorial, there has been a groundswell of support from the local community.

“It not only shows how unified we are as a community but it shows how unified we can be as a public, and its incredible that the people have shown up like they have to support him and be there him and be there for his family,” Yost added.

When Yost first heard the news about Ellison’s death, he says that it didn’t register — he didn’t want to believe it. It’s a day that he will never forget.

As the days and weeks pass by without Ellison, Yost knows that he is still smiling down on the lives he impacted.

“Aidan had an infectious laugh, a laugh that you could never forget. He’d walk into a room and his vibe would just light up the room,” Yost said.

Right now there is a GoFundMe for Ellison’s family as they navigate the aftermath of his death and an upcoming funeral, heartbroken by the loss. As of Wednesday evening, the page had raised more than $28,600 — far surpassing the original goal of $15,000.