A Rotary Presentation: details of the presentation will be posted next week.

The Ashland Solar Co-op’s Mega-plan for Solarizing Ashland The time is ripe, like never before, for maximizing solar in Ashland. In addition to an excellent solar resource factor, Ashland owns its own electric distribution grid and has implemented a progressive Virtual Net Metering Ordinance to fuel community-solar in the city. The Ashland Solar Co-op (ASC) has been formed and is now utilizing an innovative financing model to garner federal dollars, by way of tax-equity and grants, to pay for 50 to 75% of the projects it develops. And today the ASC is rolling out its big Mega-plan for Solarizing Ashland.

The Solar Co-op has developed an impressive portfolio of eligible projects, including ones that will offset all of the Ashland School District’s electric use, partially-shade SOU parking areas and provide the community with ample solar electricity to distribute to citizens regardless of home-ownership or financial status. The Mega-plan includes developing millions of dollars of rooftop and elevated tracking systems for the city at a fraction of the cost, while providing clean jobs, strengthening the electric grid and enabling a sustainable energy future for our city. Our speaker this week is Jeff Sharpe who is a seasoned Professional Engineer, CCB Contractor and Solar designer involved in the solar industry since 1976 when he & his father’s solar business designed, built and installed signature bread-box solar water-heaters in California while earning BS degrees at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Living in Ashland since 2005 Jeff’s Sharpe Energy Solutions (SES) has worked with Pacific Power, the Energy Trust of Oregon and schools across the state as a prime contractor for the Oregon Department of Energy’s’s SB1149 school program. Since 2017 SES has been focused on developing the elevated STracker solar tracker system and providing healthy Community Solar for Ashland.