7/28 Parks Meeting – Is the APRC trying to “double dip” us?

Item: Special APRC meeting of 7/28/21
New Business (b).APRC Dedicated Funding Source Discussion ( Possible Action).

   As a resident and home owner here in Ashland, I object to any discussion or action by the APRC to set up a second property tax in order to attain a “dedicated funding source.” To collect property tax twice from Ashland residents  is clearly “double dipping”. It is a crass work around the State of Oregon  mandated property tax limits.

   APRC will have to budget and reduce expenditures just as the City departments will have to do, if we are to get on firm financial footing. You are not exempt from pitching in for the good of Ashland. Look at areas to reduce spending and streamline maintenance. Cut cost.. or ask for a percentage of the  Food & Beverage Tax $$ to fund new projects and maintenance. If you wish to have a portion of the property tax the City already collects then ask for that. But under NO circumstances do you ask for an additional property tax stream.

Soon we will have a new interim City Manager. I believe he should be on board to review and recommend what action ( if any) should be taken in regards to APRC’s push to obtain a “dedicated funding source”. 

Susan Hall RN, Ashland