100,000 signatures needed: Tell the DOJ to stop the Sinclair-Tribune merger

Sharon, sign the petition to the Justice Department: Reject Sinclair’s acquisition of Tribune Media.


By now, you may have seen Deadspin’s deeply disturbing video showing anchors at ultra-conservative Sinclair-owned local news stations across the country reciting the same script word-for-word about the dangers of “fake news.”

What’s even more disturbing, though, is that soon, these identical Trump-serving broadcasts might reach 72% of American households if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) allow Sinclair to acquire Tribune Media and expand their network.

No media company should have THAT much power. Sign if you agree that Sinclair’s infiltration of local news stations must be stopped.


Technically, Sinclair isn’t allowed to reach more than 39% of households, but they’re taking advantage of a loophole FCC Chair Ajit Pai orchestrated to get around that rule.

The FCC is expected to vote in favor of the Sinclair-Tribune merger. However, the DOJ needs to approve it as well, and they’re not as keen on Sinclair’s sneaky tactics as the FCC. The DOJ has an opportunity to stop Sinclair’s damaging propaganda—and they need to take it.

Click here to AUTOMATICALLY sign the petition calling on the Department of Justice to reject Sinclair’s acquisition of Tribune.


Our message to the DOJ:

Reject Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s acquisition of Tribune Media. Sinclair is bypassing FCC regulations and antitrust laws in order to reach 72% of American households. No media company should have that much power.

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