SUBJECT: Powered by the Sun: Talent Can Lead by Example

SUBJECT:  Powered by the Sun: Talent Can Lead by Example

Leading by example is what we want Oregon to do when it comes to breaking our fossil fuel addiction and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Talent can do the same for the Rogue Valley when it comes to the solar energy conversion!

The global warming and climate change problems posed by fossil fuel use are well-understood, and well-known to most of us. Many of us would like to break our personal fossil fuel addiction in terms of powering our homes, but obstacles still exist. Beside the investment cost, renters and those living in unsuitable locations or with unsuitable home orientations confront serious barriers to solar installation. However, despite what you think, solar could be within your grasp.

The good news is that many obstacles can be overcome. This year, Talent will be forging a path to the sun for those who didn’t think they could solarize. Solarize Rogue is a branch of Rogue Climate which has already stimulated a community-wide clean energy plan in conjunction with the City of Talent. They are inviting other regional residents and Pacific Power customers to join them in this venture.

Pacific Power provides electricity to much of the region, but currently generates some 60% of its power from coal-fired plants. No energy source is totally benign, but we can break the grip of this coal-fired energy source by going solar ourselves and replacing the electricity we use from the grid with electricity from a clean solar source.

Learn more about how you can break the fossil fuel addiction at a presentation on the Talent Community Solar Project at the next Southern Oregon Climate Action Now general meeting on Tuesday March 26th, 6:00 pm, at the Medford Public Library, 205 S. Central, Medford. Ray Sanchez Pescador form Solarize Rogue and Bridget Callahan from Sustainable Northwest will explain how Community Solar could help you break the fossil fuel habit. SOCAN programs are free and open to the public; please come with your questions.