The Future of Public Transit in the Rogue – June 25, 6 pm Medford Library

PRESS RELEASE:  For Immediate Release
DATE:  June 1, 2019
CONTACT: Alan Journet, Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now; 541-301-4107; Tom Fink,; Tonia Moro, 541-601-3010|
UBJECT:  A Ride to the Future: Public Transit in the Rogue is Green and Going Greener

Among the sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, transportation has long been the single greatest contributor.  We certainly can reduce the emissions cost of transportation by increasing the efficiency of personal and commercial vehicles. But we can also address the problem by reducing vehicle miles travelled (VMT) substantially. One way to achieve this is to promote and use mass transit. 

In order to reduce Rogue Valley emissions, we should support and encourage improvement in our regional mass transit system. 

To help us understand what is happening, including what the opportunities and challenges are, at the next Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) General Meeting Rogue Valley Transit District Board members Tonia Moro and Tom Fink will give an update on our transit system’s 25-year plan. Recent funding bumps have given our community the capacity to improve service greatly in the Rogue Valley for the existing ridership base, and to better attract drivers away from the stress of automobile travel.  This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help our cities and our state achieve emissions reduction goals.  In addition, Fink and Moro will briefly outline the key industry metrics of transit quality, and what we must do to attain and sustain the improvements that increase it.

The presentation will be held in the Medford Public Library on Tuesday June 25th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.  All SOCAN programs are free and open to the public.

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