SOCAN’S Master Climate Protector Registration

PRESS RELEASE:  For Immediate Release
DATE:  January 7, 2020

CONTACT: Alan Journet, Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now; 541-301-4107
SUBJECT:  SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector- A Primer for Action – Registration Open

Anyone watching local events can see the temperature rising, snowpack dwindling, fire season lengthening.  These trends are not peculiar to Southern Oregon.  Our planet has warmed approximately a degree Centigrade since the industrial revolution.  Trends are progressing faster than climate scientists have anticipated.  We are in precarious times; the need for action is urgent!

Would you like to learn more about the science of climate change and its consequences and how our energy use, construction, water use and weather, agriculture, and human health and consumption patterns intersect with these trends.  Do you want to explore what we can do individually and collectively to address the problem and minimize the risks we face?

If so, consider registering for Southern Oregon Climate Action Now’s Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action.  This ten-week course, incorporating a service component, is modeled on the popular Master Recycler and Master Gardener programs. The 2020 offering starts on Monday February 10th at 6:00 pm at the Medford SOU/RCC Higher Education Center with the first three-hour class.  Registration is now open for this year’s offering at a cost of $100, though scholarships are available upon request. For more information and a registration form, visit

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