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Dear Family and Friends,
As part of my “resist” action goals this year, I plan to help communicate resources (live and online) so everyone can engage in whatever activities works best for them depending on what issues are most important to you. It can be hard to keep up with all the options so I’m hoping that I can winnow out some of the best to save you some time on a once month basis.  Thanks to friends (Kathy Y., Ann, Casey) who have alerted me to many of the items on the list and hope they are useful to the rest of you. Below are my top 10 links for this month.
Feel free to let me know if you would like to be taken you off the list because you are already inundated or if you know someone who wants to be added. And of course let me know if you find resources that should be shared with the whole list. So for February, here’s some to take a look at. 
Optimistic and committed to action with love, K
  1. Women’s March 10 Actions in 100 days 100/action2/Action 2- Huddle -4,367 “Huddles” so far,  are gathering locally to take action.  
  1. The Nasty Women of Portland are Getting Shit Done   Their website also has great merchandise for sale -from t-shirts to lawn signs with this graphic (love it).
In our america, all people are equal, Love wins, Black lives matter
  1. Ready for Action—Facebook group groups/readyforaction2017/   Love the information they produce to make it as easy as possible depending on the time you have to engage. See attachment for this week’s example.  
               Description  Welcome to Ready for Action! We are action-oriented progressives… who are especially friendly to those who are new to activism or whose lives are full already but who are (you guessed it) ready          for action!  We are focused on calling/writing/visiting our Members of Congress, protesting, marching, organizing, and supporting progressive candidates. We want to do more than donating, tweeting, or       news-sharing (all of which are important, but which you get in your newsfeed already).
  1. Solidarity Sundays    https://www.solidaritysundays. org/get-involved/    You can go to the site and find a chapter near you.  
It is a nationwide network of feminist activist groups focused on taking action to resist tr*mp. On the 2nd Sunday of each month, we gather in homes across the country to:
    • Engage with elected officials (via letters, emails, phone calls, social media, and in-person meetings)
    • Amplify the action items of existing progressive organizations
  • Build communities of empowered, educated, active feminists who will resist the trump agenda and work for peace, justice, and equity.
  1. 1460 Days of Action— what-is-1460-days-of-action/ Facebook group Sign up for daily actions to resist Trump each and every day he is President. #1460 Days of Action to be exact.
  1. Stand up to 2017- 02/02/how-white-privilege- shows-up-in-our-marketing/
               Jac McNeil’s blog with food for thought, I really like her questions and the guide link has video clips of what women are focusing on. I also attached the guide.
  1. Countable  (www. downloadable app to track lawmaker’s performance
  1. Upcoming Marches from Ready for Action
February 11th: (US) Defend Planned Parenthood (this is a counter-demonstration to Defund PP rallies being planned nationwide)
February 18th, 11am-2pm:  (CA) Immigrants make America Great March in Los Angeles
February 20-24th: (US) Congress is out of session: Visit your MOC in their local district/region  Thursday, February 23rd: Ro Khanna will hold a townhall in Fremont  Find other townhalls (see the Google docs link above)
April 15th: (US) Tax March ( )
April 22nd: (DC, US?) March for Science (
April 29th: (US) People’s Climate March (http://www.peoplesclimate. org/)
  1. article/your-guide-to-the- sprawling-new-anti-trump- resistance-movement/     If you want to feel momentum read this article that lists and describes numerous resistance groups across the country.
  1. healthcare  The site has other issues but particularly like this specific set of actions related to  -“The Rise Citizen Guide Ten Steps that Every American can Take to Save our Health Care” 
And for those of you who are concerned Millennials aren’t involved, take heart, here’s a list of other news sources to read for a broader view and not “fake facts” developed by Casey Near (Pam Dickinson’s daughter) with some commentary.
International news organizations
    • BBC World News Podcast: fair, broad, truly global coverage. Recorded morning GMT each day, so covers things that have happened overnight. Great (albeit incredibly dry…) morning listen.
  • Al Jazeera: great local reporting from the Middle East (based in Qatar), plus excellent “outsider” analysis of American politics. 
Domestic news organizations
    • I do still read NYT and Washington Post, though I tend to lean more toward long-form pieces. I use the app LongForm, which aggregates the best of the day/week/month across many outlets (The Atlantic, NYT, Salon, etc). They also have a nice, simple website, plus they currently have a review of their best articles of 2016.
    • ProPublica: probably the most transparent, data-driven outlet out there. They won the Pulitzer a few years ago, and they have an entire data section embedded into their reporting. 
  • Keepin’ it 1600 and NPR Politics Podcast are my two favorite podcasts for political commentary; 1600 is more sports-analysis style, hosted by 4 former aides/staffers of Obama. NPR’s is just reliable and has a diverse set of hosts.
For specific action items
    • is a Facebook group and website that sends you daily alerts for simple, quick tasks. Their main goal is to flip the House in the midterms, so it’s very locally-based. 
  • This particular one is faaabulous: http:// — created by a friend of a friend, and you plug in what you are committed to, and it follows up with clear action items. 
Karen Storey
//inserted by Sharon