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Sharon, sign the petition: Fix our crumbling infrastructure before Russia attacks it too.

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We have more to worry about Russia than just cyberattacks on our elections. Department of Homeland Security officials now say that the Russians successfully hacked into the control rooms of U.S. electrical utilities and could have thrown the switches at any time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, these hackers (who worked for a Kremlin-sponsored group) broke into these supposedly secure networks by first penetrating the networks of key vendors who had a trusted relationship with these utilities.

It was easy to do, because our nation's infrastructure has been neglected for decades. Barack Obama tried to pass a serious infrastructure plan, but Republicans in Congress blocked it. All he accomplished was a $3.4 billion grant to upgrade the system, when experts say we really need $5 trillion to seriously bring our electric grid up to modern standards.

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Our Message to Congress:
I am very alarmed at the Homeland Security reports that state-funded Russian hackers infiltrated our American utility networks. We must upgrade our crumbling infrastructure with serious financial resources.

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