City Council ALERT! June 20, City Council Meeting, 7:00pm

City Council ALERT!
June 20, City Council Meeting, 7:00pm

Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street

On June 20 the City Council will consider the Transportation Commission recommendation to remove the $6.5 million, E. Nevada Bridge from a list of projects to be built.  The bridge is in the new budget as a capital improvement project.  The Transportation Commission (TC) concluded in a 6-0 vote that this bridge is not needed.  The commission argument against the bridge was overwhelming.  Along with this, hundreds of citizens are opposing this bridge to nowhere.  The funding is not secured which is one of the reasons for opposing the bridge.

Plan to attend the meeting to support Sue Newberry a member of the Transportation Commission who will present the commission recommendation.  Let’s show the City Council that we DO NOT support this $6.5 million boondoggle.  If you haven’t been following this project, please review the minutes of the Transportation Commission  –

This is a meeting where citizens can make a huge difference.  We need you to attend the meeting and to speak if you wish to do so.  You can make a difference by just showing up!!

Susan Hall RN

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