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Mystic Rising Festival Celebrates It’s 11th Year With 2 Inspiring Festivals This Summer!!

The ‘transformational festivals’ movement has been growing, evolving, expanding, and inspiring people worldwide since its roots with The Rainbow Gathering in the 1970s. Over the years, it evolved with festivals like Hamony Festival and Earthdance in Northern California to include ecological and green values. With the rise of Burning Man in the 90s, festivals began to include a value system, art installation and “camps”–and a lineup of workshops in addition to music.
These festivals helped set the stage for a movement that has positively impacted countless lives and communities — when participants take home the values they learn at a festival. “Transformational festivals,” a term coined by Jeet Kei Leung in a TED talk, are incubators for new ways of living, expressing our creative and visionary gifts, coming into more holistic, vibrant lifestyles and seeding new systems for being together sustainably and harmoniously in community.

Now a new wave of festivals, like Lucidity and Mystic Rising, are adding Permaculture education to the mix. With participant-driven art, ceremony, healing spaces, music circles and a wide variety of forms of creative and spiritual expression, transformational festivals invite us to “come together and inspire and empower each other to be our best selves, our brightest selves, to find our place in value within a community, to step into our leadership and our mastery, and to start to create real change,” says Jamaica Stevens, producer of the ‘Tribal Convergence’ festival.

Festivals such as these provide the opportunity to fill our cups, resource our hearts and our spirits and give us the fortitude to navigate through the dynamic times of metamorphosis we are currently in as a collective.

Ashland’s longest-running and largest transformational festival, ‘Mystic Rising Festival’ is delighted to be celebrating a ‘full-circle moment’ this summer, returning with not just one but two festivals in Oregon for 2017.

The first in June at the Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, and the second in August at New Frontier Ranch, just an hour north of Ashland.

The festival has grown, evolved and ripened over the past decade and is rising stronger than ever this year. Mystic Rising’s production team has learned over the years how to anchor all the foundational pillars of a great festival, and is more grounded, resourced, ripe and seasoned than ever.

As anyone who has been involved in the transformational festivals scene will report, there is a tremendous healing capacity that comes through being immersed in a resonant field of creative soul-driven-expression, emotional safety, playfulness, celebration of life, and the sharing of new inspirational ideas and ways of being.

We can then integrate those experiences into our inner knowing, and we get to bring that with us everywhere we go in our lives. It shifts our entire way of interfacing with our families, communities and world: one healing, transformational experience at a time.

As Mystic Rising producer Phil Lindsey shares: “The times in my life when i’ve felt most alive, in my heart and blissful is when I’ve been with tribe, gathered together, singing songs and dancing all night around the campfire, feeling the joy of being in loving community, which feels like a big family: all rising together. I remember the first time I experienced this, thinking: “This is the kingdom of heaven in front of my eyes and I wish the whole world could feel this.”

And so Lindsey has built his life around his heart-felt prayer, to share this healing and transformational experience with others. Mystic Rising is different than other festivals in that it has much more acoustic, live music than electronic, which many say creates a gentler more holistic feeling than some of the larger, electronic music based festivals, in which participants sometimes drink alcohol or use other intoxicants.

Mystic is an alcohol and drug free event and holds the vision and intention of being a nourishing gathering, for body, mind, heart and soul. It’s a slower paced festival with a focus on connection and a small, intimate number of participants.

Both the June and August gatherings are located in proximity to healing waters: The June gathering is at the Jackson Wellsprings, and the August Gathering is located on a private organic farm with a swimmable pond. Both also feature permaculture worships, yoga, ceremony, dance, visionary art, wholesome organic foods and are kid-friendly.

Musical artists from a wide and eclectic variety of genres will be featured including Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Sasha Butterfly Rose, Ayla Nereo, Dustin Thomas, Chris Berry, Jah Levi, Maesyn and many more!

We warmly welcome you to come celebrate life and fill your cup with us this summer at one of Mystic Rising’s inspiring gatherings! More details are listed below.

June 16-18, Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, OR, an intimate “micro festival ” with all live/acoustic instrumental music and hot springs. Only 350 tickets available.

August 24-27, on a private, 1,000-acre organic farm about 1 hour north of Ashland at 3,000 foot elevation, with pristine swimming lake. This is a slightly larger festival. (550 tickets) This festival has a live music lineup plus some electronic dance music/DJs.

mystic rising festival

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