17th ANNUAL ABUNDANCE SWAP – December 9, 1:30-3pm at the Old Armory on Oak


A community celebration of giving and receiving (An alternative to the ‘buy-more’ gift-shopping frenzy)

Sunday, December 9, 2018 1:30 – 3 PM The Historic Ashland Armory Oak and B ST

➤ Doors open at 1 PM
➤ Bring 3-5 items you own that someone might like to receive as a gift ➤ Get a color-coded name tag at the door
➤ Set your gifts on a table
➤ Wait for the opening announcement
➤ During your turn, select items to give to friends and family

In lieu of newly purchased items
➤ Bask in the generous energy of your community

For those who would like to bring cookies to share, Hot Tea and a festive table awaits us.


//inserted by Sharon